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If you need additional cat accessories, you’ll love this section of our website. Here on our website, we offer all the little extras that will make it all the easier for you to care for your pet throughout its life. You’ll be able to find some cat spray cleaning solutions that are excellent items that can be used when helping to clean up messes around your house. In addition to items like these we offer an at home wellness test for cats that can check to see if there might be a problem with your cat. We also offer items for you to use to remember your cat after they are gone including a photo pet memorial. Look through the huge selection of options we offer and find the best items you can use.

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Hueter Toledo Memory Stone with Photo Frame Small Gray 5" x 5" x 4" Coastline Global Checkup - At Home Wellness Test for Cats PetSafe Whiff Off Enzyme Cleaning Solutions 16 ounces
Customize this frame with your pet's photograph.These weather-proof polymer markers can be used in the garden, yard, or to mark a burial spot.Create a long-lasting memory of your pet in a shady spot in your Garden! Weatherproof, outdoor quality plastic makes this marker a low-cost alternative to granite. Includes one garden stake for mounting outdoors. Can also be used indoors on your mantle over your fireplace.

  • Pet memory stones can be used in the garden, yard, or to mark a burial spot.
  • Made of weather-proof polymer
  • Includes one garden stake for mounting outdoors.
  • Create a touching garden tribute to a faithful pet
  • Each kit includes our patented hydrophobic sand making collection easy, a pipette and vial, and two identical testing strips which detect the four most common conditions in household pets include High Glucose, Kidney Conditions (Protein), Urinary Tract Infection (pH), and Blood in the urine. CheckUp is ideal for regular monitoring of pets with chronic conditions as required by a vet, or simply to check up in between annual visits to ensure your cat is healthy year round.Checking is caring, so CheckUp!

    Instructions: Simply place the hydrophobic sand in a clean and empty litter box. Allow the cat to urinate freely. The urine sample stays on top of the hydrophobic sands surface making collection easy. Collect the urine from the sand surface using the provided pipette, fill the vial to 3/4, dip the testing strip for 2 seconds, and read results according to instructions card in box. We recommend having a clock on hand and a pen, so you can circle the color present at exactly 30 and 60 seconds respectively for each parameter.

  • Kit includes: 2 lb of hydrophobic sand, 1 pipette and vial set, 1 foil pouch with two identical testing strips
  • Quick, easy, simple, do it yourself. Provides a window into pets health in-between routine vet visits
  • All inclusive kit with urine collection method and strips which detect the four most common conditions in pets - Diabetes, Kidney Condtion, UTI, Blood in the urine
  • Allows pet owners to monitor aging, overweight, and pets with chronic conditions that require frequent collection as recommended by a vet.
  • Lab validated and vet approved
  • Whiff Off removes the source of the problem, odor-causing fats and proteins. The formula contains special deterrents that signal to your pet not to use the same spot again. With its unique enzyme formula that’s free of harsh or harmful chemicals, Liquid Ate is a safe, environmentally friendly cleaner for anywhere in your home.

  • Eliminates odors
  • Enzyme-based cleaner
  • Deters pets from going on the same spot again
  • Effective on pet stains, clothing, mildew odors, cooking smells, and sports equipment
  • Chemical-free
  • Eco-friendly: safe for people, pets, & the planet
  • Made in the USA
  • Not for use with the Pet Loo, litter boxes, or other places you want your pet to use the bathroom
  • Eyenimal Cat Videocam
    Eyenimal Cat Videocam
    Our Price: $99.00
    The Cat Videocam allows to catch beautiful scenes from your cat eyes.
    It's the essential device of the owner who wants to know everything about the behavior of his cat.

  • Tiny size: 41x44x25mm (1.61" x 1.73" x 0.98")
  • Night vision up to 2m (6.56 feet)
  • Movement detector to stop recording when the cat sleeps
  • Battery life: up to 2h30
  • Flash memory 4GB
  • Weight: 32g (1.13 ounces)
  • Video capture resolution: 736 x 480 pixels
  • Integrated microphone

    We offer a lot of fantastic accessories that you can use with your cats. You can find many innovative items here on our website including a cat video cam that you can secure to your cat and then use to see beautiful scenes from your cat’s point of view. With items like these you’ll be able to understand your cat even better and see his behavior first hand. Check out this and many other items as you browse the selection of miscellaneous cat products that we offer on this area of our website. You’ll be sure to find something cool to use with your cat. While you’re visiting our website, check out the other categories we offer so you’ll be able to find items like a Midwest cat cube and a reversible cat bed that you can use all the time.