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Health field:Diapers, diapers, sanitary napkins, incontinence pads, adult products, waterproof breathable bottom pet pad


Ordinary urine pants with thin film advantages

1 silk like light and soft feel makes composite products with more skin quality, increase the comfort of the baby activities

2 strong water vapor permeability, the moisture inside the diaper and to the external environment, reduce the probability of baby diaper rash

3 good moisture barrier, so that the urine pants in the case of sucking the foot of the urine will not be because of the extrusion of water through the bottom of the film and the pollution of the family environment

4 the use of high environmental protection performance of water-based ink to replace the traditional benzene soluble ink for pattern printing, more favorable to the baby's health

Advantages of air permeable base film for general sanitary napkin

1. Deep embossing pattern increases the film area, reduce the film and human body direct contact area, reduce the adhesion of plastic and the surface of human skin, making feel more smooth and

2. Strong water vapor permeability, an increase of airflow microcirculation in contacting the human body and sanitary products, to keep the body dry surface;

3 good moisture barrier and blood barrier, making the sanitary napkin products absorb body fluid in the compressed state, will not appear the body fluid from the product leakage out, pollute the external environment;

4 excellent stiffness to ensure that the film roll on the customer equipment to be able to carry out high speed production;

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